The Portsmouth Chinese Association Dance Team was founded in November 2006. Portsmouth Chinese Association applied for lottery funding and was awarded £5,000 to start the group. The group is made up of Chinese ladies from the Portsmouth area who love Chinese Dance who get together for training and practice, and is organized by the Portsmouth Chinese Association. Their trainer, Ms Zhang Zhao, who graduated from Beijing School of Dance, is skilled in Ballet. She was also trained in teaching Chinese folk dance in Guangzhou Jinan University in 2008. Some members of the Dance Team are housewives, some Chinese language teachers, and others, owners of Chinese restaurants, bank economists, accountants, government officers and university lecturers. For several years at weekends and other times the ladies have been involved with learning basic techniques and they can now do more than ten Chinese folk dances in different styles. They have not only given many performances for Chinese organizations and communities in Portsmouth and elsewhere in the UK, but also for local British organizations, local government, commercial corporations and institutions. The Team has taken part in many entertainment activities and has gained a very good reputation. 

Dance "Beijing, My Home Town" and "Bamboo Hat" performed by the Team won the 2008 CCTV (China Centre Television) Grand Prix Competition UK Golden Cup in Group Dancing. The Team has also been selected to be the UK representative to attend the Global Chinese Talent Competition (Dance) in Shenzhen, China in November 2012.

Dance Teacher: Zhang Zhao